Solutions - What We've Done

Below is a small sampling of our creations. How better for us to show you what we’re capable of than show you?

Bee Better Marketing had devised a unique loyalty program for bowling centers across the country. Their only hurdle was finding a quality, reliable team to take the concept to reality. After considering multiple options, SpringFin was selected based on common values and our ability to understand their vision. The SpringFin team invested considerable time learning the business case so that we could deliver a forward-thinking solution that would grow with our customer. SpringFin delivered the solution as promised, within a tight budget window. The resulting product is proving to be a disruptive force in the industry. They were so pleased with the quality of our services, SpringFin has become a trusted advisor for other IT needs.

As the largest employee benefit provider in the region, Sheakley had outgrown their employee performance review software. Rather than adjust their world-class processes around software, Sheakley contracted with SpringFin and Myca Group to create a custom designed solution. SpringFin consultants worked alongside Sheakley and Myca Group to learn what worked well and what needed to be re-invented from the ground up. In short order, SpringFin developed a complete web-based performance review system, removing process roadblocks and perfectly matching Sheakley's needs. By investing in a custom solution, Sheakly was also no longer handcuffed by recurring fees so common in pre-packaged software. SpringFin delivered a solution that reduced hassle, minimized costs, and improved features. Perhaps most importantly, we were able to directly improve Sheakley customers' happiness.

LifeSafer is a leading manufacturer of devices to deter drinking and driving. A longtime partner of LifeSafer, we have designed and created critical software systems to perform in a rapidly growing market. We are responsible for the software that services 65,000+ active clients, monitored monthly at over 1100 international service locations. After servicing, our solution analyzes 145 million+ breathalyzer tests per year and automatically reports to various governmental agencies. Half a million of these tests are prevented starts due to the detection of alcohol. We are pleased to be a small part of keeping families safe on the streets! SpringFin has partnered with LifeSafer on many projects including manufacturing, inventory, point of sale, reporting, electronic documentation, and government compliance solutions.

A leading provider of clinical research services, Kendle retained SpringFin to provide technical expertise to a few specific teams. One product saved Kendle millions of dollars by enabling research associates to deliver reports faster. Another solution allowed monitoring sites to enter clinical information directly into Kendle's systems. This reduced the need for data entry operators which, in turn, lowered the operating cost of drug studies processed by Kendle.

The Cincinnati Fire Department manually managed schedules and vacation time. This manual system required 8 weeks per year to manage. We provided a solution that allowed the fire fighters to use website to enter their own requests. Chiefs can manage the schedule from this one central system, as well. An additional vacation allocation system allows the same web-based entry and processed all requests based on a varying set of rules within 10 minutes. Both systems have helped the fire department save time, money, and hardship.

The Vaughn Group came to us with the vision of making important documents available online. This consisted of working with an existing software package to gather the information. We then worked with TVG to build a complete online presence. This included invoice management and delivery, document storage and retrieval, account administration, new business solicitation, pre-written and ad-hoc reports, and a complete workflow management process.