Advantage - Why work with us?

What makes SpringFin the right choice for your needs? Our customers know best, here's what they have to say!

“I’ve worked with a lot of consultants in my career and I’d rank SpringFin as one of the most highly skilled, flexible and reliable consulting companies I’ve ever worked with. ... Most IT contractors come in and code to specifications; not knowing or taking the time to learn anything about the business. However, from the very beginning, SpringFin jumped in and quickly got up to speed with our business processes and lingo. As a result, they were able to recommend changes to logic and flow and not just turn requirements into code. ... Due to the solid foundation SpringFin helped us build, the system has been scaled to support other business segments and even our parent company. I would highly recommend SpringFin to anyone looking for quality, honesty, teamwork and a company that exceeds expectations!
Tim Spitzmueller - Director – IT Brokerage and Services, The David J Joseph Company

“SpringFin has done an outstanding job, not only in code writing, but also responsiveness. Their thought processes have been critical in understanding multiple intense and complicated aspects of our business.”
Richard Freund, Founder – LifeSafer

“The right developer can make or break a project. From our initial meetings, it was easy to see we were on the same page. They understood our objectives, translated our vision into a clear proposal, meeting our functional requirements while offering innovative solution options. Of course we had an aggressive timeline and budget constraints; they were on time and on target. The application speaks for itself, I must say, SpringFin delivered a solid product, totally exceeding my expectations.“
Tammy Bedinghaus, Project Manager and VP of Client Services, Bee Better Marketing

“I cannot tell you enough times how much I appreciate what you do! Whenever I need anything done, your team is willing to listen and to provide alternatives (as necessary). They make all attempts to be sure that we are “talking the same language.” They diplomatically tell me when I am wrong, and they accept positive criticism in a mature and professional manner. They are able to keep their calm and rationally come up with solutions even in the middle of chaos.”
Tiffany Wolff, Sr. Project Leader – Kendle International

"I’m very glad to have someone that can work with us to make all the pieces function properly."
Hugh Schweitzer, Senior Equipment Engineer - Emerson Climate Technologies

"We are extremely satisfied with the Survey Program that SpringFin updated and continues to revise for us. You handle all the requests for changes in a patient, professional, and personable manner. The response to any issue is immediate – most important when we have had to complete an assessment survey with a client. Your integrity and quality of service continues to impress us. We’ve come to rely on SpringFin as an IT provider. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support."
Lynn Bell, Project Manager - Pope & Associates, Inc.

"It has been pleasure working with SpringFin on our ezReviewer Performance Review Project. I have been impressed with their responsiveness to requests for changes to the software and they were quick to get back to me regarding any issues. Problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and they were quick to communicate the reason and resolution to the situation. I am pleased with the outcome of our software and would recommend SpringFin for any future projects."
Eleni Liston, Vice President, Human Resources - Sheakley